What To Expect

At Healing Paws Veterinary Care, we provide what we like to call the “whole pet” experience, and we’ve designed our mobile veterinary care services to help us do just that. When your pet is examined, while we certainly focus on the reason for the visit, we do not just stop there. After gathering a thorough history and conducting a comprehensive “nose to tail” physical exam, we’ll also incorporate nutrition, pain management, behavior and medical well-being into each visit as well. In short, our services have been put in place to provide for the complete care of your pet.

At Healing Paws we believe In building a strong client-practice relationship. We will sit down with you and your pet and discuss all of your concerns, questions, your pet’s past medical history, and current needs. We will ask that you also provide us with a copy of any past medical records you may have for your pet.

Fear-free is the way we like to be! When beginning our nose-to-tail physical exam on your pet we like to ease them into things slowly. Your pet may need a little time to get used to us or the mobile unit and that is ok. We come fully equipped with treats and fun distractions and will allow your pet to explore our mobile unit as they wish to make them feel more comfortable.

Following a physical exam, we will administer vaccines if needed and give our recommendations for your pet’s health. We equip our unit with all things necessary to take samples for lab testing if needed and carry many preventatives and medications within our unit.

After the visit is concluded, you can expect a follow up from either Dr. Sands, or another member of the team to check in with you, discuss the results of any tests that may have been sent to a laboratory, and provide any further guidance or advice that we feel may help with your particular situation. We want you to feel as though you are part of the team because you are! Together we’ll work hard to help your furry friend enjoy a long, happy life.

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