Even when your pet is feeling great, wellness care is still essential! During annual exams, we’ll discuss your pet’s weight, diet, and complete a full nose-to-tail exam.

The truth of the matter is, regardless of whether your pet appears to be well, providing them with regular veterinary care is an important component of a long, healthy and happy life. Animals are good at masking illness, so without regular exams, your pet may be harboring a secret health condition that will go undetected until it has progressed and worsened. Wellness visits allow us to identify these potential concerns so they can be addressed right away. Early detection and prompt treatment of a disease can add years to your pet’s life.

Healing Paws Veterinary Care offers complete, comprehensive wellness care to help keep your companion healthy, prevent illness and disease, and extend and improve their quality of life. Our wellness services include complete “nose to tail” physical exams, through which we create a complete health profile for your pet and establish a benchmark upon which to measure his or her ongoing health over time.

Your pet will be carefully assessed to help us determine what risk factors he or she may be exposed to so that we can develop a customized vaccination plan to protect them from a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. We’ll also discuss and provide recommendations on such important topics as parasite prevention, nutrition and weight management, behavior and anything else we deem to be important in keeping your companion happy and healthy.

Finally, when we have the opportunity to see your pet on a regular basis, we are able to develop a strong, lifelong bond with them, and to establish a trusting relationship with you. Our goal is to become partners with you, with the shared goal of providing your pet with the best possible care throughout his or her lifetime.

Don’t wait until your pet is sick to call us! Let us develop a personalized health care plan that will increase the odds of you both enjoying many healthy years of companionship.

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