Veterinary medical professionals have such interesting journeys – we love talking about the realities of veterinary medicine and the unique qualities of these everyday superheroes. Join us as we share the stories of people in all roles of veterinary medicine – people just like you! Through candid conversations we give a voice to the people of vet med in a time when social media and the internet makes it hard for the public to know just who we are. Vet Med After Hours wants veterinary professionals of all types to be empowered and we want the public to know just how amazing the people of this field are. With a few podcast styles to accommodate all types of listeners, we open conversations about management, wellness, career paths, mental health and have a whole lot of fun! Also, learn more about our Veterinary You Matter campaign below and on our social media pages!

We’ve got your back.

There is something amazing and powerful about the veterinary team, but this job is hard and we are here to help. Empowerment and support of veterinary team members are how we keep this profession alive and we are here because YOU MATTER.  Check out how we help support your team through our wellness sticker program and always remember – Be Who You Are.

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Episode 11

“Pets Have People and People are Important Too” Amanda Sautner, Veterinary Student

Episode 10

“Just a Receptionist”

Episode 9

“Kelsey Beth Carpenter – Songs and Laughter”

Episode 8

“It’s Time To Do Something”

Episode 7

“Choose Not To Be Normal with Carrie Jurney”

Episode 6

“Brandon Hess: Soccer Player Turned Veterinary Life Support”

Episode 5

“What you say Matters”

Episode 4

“It’s Not You, It’s The Monkey”

Episode 3

“Growing Through Failure”

Episode 2

“The Good The Bad and The Bloody”

Episode 1

“Just Say Yes”

You matter. We’re here for you.

We are excited to have created veterinary specific mental wellness and suicide prevention stickers for your clinic.

Suicide in veterinary medicine is a national epidemic that needs us each to take as many steps as possible to stop. A great tool in team support is providing the suicide prevention hotline, but we felt there is a need for more than just the number. Many team members who are not on the brink of suicide are still hurting. They need to know that you know that they are hurting and that you care. At Vet Med After Hours, we want each of your team members to know that it is okay to hurt, it is okay to ask for help, and that, no matter what, they each matter.

Together, we developed a symbol to remind your team members how special they are and to give them hope. Our team wellness stickers carry our unique logo that is a combination of the veterinary cauduceus, a butterfly which is a Native American symbol of hope, and the semi-colon for suicide awareness.  The most important part if this sticker though is the text – our stickers say “YOU matter,  Ask for Help” and the text and phone number for suicide prevention.

We challenge you to place these stickers on your controlled drug box, your bathroom mirrors, in your break room – remind your co-workers and yourself that YOU matter.

Note: If you are experiencing thoughts of ending your own life, please know that YOU MATTER – stop, reach out, and ask for help by contacting The National Suicide Prevention Line.  In the USA that is 1-800-273-8255. In Canada, that is 1-833-456-4566.



Proceeds from the sales of clothing with our design will go directly to Not One More Vet (NOMV) a wonderful group who provides support, a lending ear, and a hand up to struggling veterinary professionals around the world.