Boarding Agreement

Save time and complete your vacation check-in and boarding application form online. If we have any additional questions, we’ll be sure to reach out! Please note: if you have an additional pet you’d like to check-in, you must fill out the form for each pet.

PLEASE NOTE: Each pet needs their own worksheet.
Details about your pet’s diet are very important to help keep them feeling well during their stay. (Please be sure to bring their current food and treats along, but please leave all fabric/plush toys at home. If you would like your pet to have a toy, one can be provided here during supervised play.)
The following is important medical and behavioral information that helps us provide safe and stress-free care to your friend
Please list any room services you would like for your pet (room services are detailed at
Please Include Medication Name, Dosage, Frequency and how they are administered at various times throughout the day

Boarding Agreement

Treatment Authorization:

You as the pet owner hereby agree that Healing Paws Veterinary Care, Inc. (“Healing Paws”), may, in its sole discretion, give first aid, medication, or other attention it deems necessary for the health, and safety of your pet, or other pets under its care or in its facilities. You authorize Healing Paws to provide veterinary care, including but not limited to emergency care, at your expense. If Healing Paws personnel believe that your pet is in need of care, time permitting we will attempt to contact you before providing that care, but this document serves as our authorization to provide veterinary care for your pet in the event we are unable to reach you. If fleas or evidence of fleas are found on your pet, you agree to allow Healing Paws personnel to treat for fleas at your expense. You are responsible for all expenses of veterinary care, including but not limited to services, medications, and supplies, whether or not you have been reached in advance. Your signature on this authorization permits Healing Paws to make reasonable care decisions regarding your pet; and the owner agrees to pay for all costs incurred for such treatment.

If your pet shows signs of anxiety as deemed by a Fear Free Certified veterinarian on staff, you give permission for said veterinarian to help your pet be more comfortable during their stay using anxiety relieving supplements or, in more serious cases, anti-anxiety medications if necessary in the sole discretion of Healing Paws Fear Free Certified veterinarian. You understand that this will only be done if other techniques such as massages, play time, and pheromones do not work to relax your pet first. You will not be charged for anxiety relieving supplements, however if anxiety relieving medications are needed in extreme cases when supplements are not enough, you will pay for the medication and any supplies used in it administration.

You understand that if your pet acts in an aggressive way that imposes any danger, as determined in the sole discretion of Healing Paws, to any Healing Paws personnel, customer, or any other person or animal present at Healing Paws facilities that you may be contacted and required to arrange for your pet to be picked up prior to the scheduled departure time. In the event that Healing Paws contacts you, you will be responsible for retrieving your pet within twelve (12) hours of being contacted. You understand and agree that if you fail to arrange for your pet to be picked up within the time allotted, or immediately in extreme cases as determined by Healing Paws, your pet may be confined to their boarding area without using outside bathroom facilities but will be fed and watered.


We require a deposit of 50% of your pet's estimated stay to hold their room. If cancellation is necessary, we require that you call at least 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation fees. All days reserved will be charged for in full, even in the event of an early return. If an extended stay or medical care is required there may be additional fees above routine boarding rates.

Check-In & Check-Out Times:

We will schedule a time for you to check your pet in & out for their vacation to ensure we have a team member available to get all the important information about your pet's needs. These will be scheduled Monday-Friday between 8:00 & 5:00. You will not be charged a boarding fee for the day of check out unless your vacationing pet stays past 11:00 AM that day. Any pet checked out after 11:00 AM will be charged for day camp the day of check out and must be picked up at their scheduled time.

Personal Items:

We make every effort possible to make your pet feel at ease while they are staying with us. Healing Paws does not recommend bringing personal items from home as they may get lost in the laundry or soiled. We also do not accept fabric or plush items to avoid pest contamination. You agree that Healing Paws is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

Flea Free Guarantee:

Included in your pet’s overnight stay is our “Flea-Free Guarantee”. We provide all overnight guests with a single safe dose of Capstar (or similar product), a well-tolerated oral fast acting flea prevention. Even if your pet is already on flea and tick prevention at home, this guarantees the prevention of a flea infestation throughout the facility as well as greatly decreasing the chance of any fleas hitchhiking a ride home! You agree and consent to the administration Capstar to your pet.

Geriatric Pets:

Older pets may experience additional stress in the lodging, day camp, grooming, or training environment. Healing Paws is devoted to providing exceptional care for guests, including geriatric pets. Your signature acknowledges that you are aware of and accept all age-related risks to your pet.


Medications, supplements, or other items will be administered for an additional fee as directed, or as otherwise determined to be necessary by Healing Paws as outlined above, but medications must be presented in their original containers with instructions for administration. Prescription labels will be followed as to how medication is given.

Playgroup Risk:

Playgroups are monitored by Pet Care Specialist team members and are paired based on size, age and play style. While Pet Care Specialists keep a close eye on playgroups and are equipped to break up pets as needed, there is still a risk of injury to those pets participating in playgroups. If injury occurs, your Healing Paws medical team will examine your pet and provide treatment necessary to make your pet comfortable. You give permission to Healing Paws and its doctors and medical staff, in its sole discretion, to give first aid, medication, or other attention when deemed necessary for the health, and safety of your pet. You authorize Healing Paws to provide veterinary care, including emergency care, at your expense.


Staffing at Healing Paws varies by season and days. All group play is supervised by a present staff member and all play groups are based on behavior and dog introduction testing by staff. Staff members do not sleep in our building. However, all boarding areas are monitored by camera around the clock. Any time a staff member is not present on the premises, the hospital is locked, monitored by an off-site fire and security alarm company, and the pets are able to be observed remotely by video camera. Pets are only allowed in our locked, fenced-in area when a staff member is present and pets are not walked off site or outside of the fence.


If the pet is not called for within 10 days after the designated checkout time, the pet will be considered abandoned and will be handled in accordance with state law. All adoption fees and other incurred expenses will be the responsibility of the owner.

General Terms:

Healing Paws will exercise responsible care for the safety of your pet, and to keep the boarding premises safe and properly enclosed. Pets will be fed and watered regularly, and housed in clean, safe quarters. Healing Paws cannot guarantee against accidents, and we cannot be liable for loss or damage caused by or to our pet guests at this facility. You agree to be solely responsible for any and all damage to equipment, property, or other pets caused by your pet while it is at this resort. In the unlikely event that a pet passes away while a guest of Healing Paws we will contact you and discuss your options of body care with you. You hereby and forever waive any and all claims arising in any way out of your pet’s stay at Healing Paws, and further agree to indemnify forever Healing Paws, officers, directors, employees, shareholders, agents, successors, and assigns from and against any and all loss, damage, claim, or cause of action, whatsoever.


Healing Paws charges for boarding space by the day. Owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding in effect on the day the pet is checked into the resort. Peak boarding dates as listed on the website, will be at different rates. Payment balance is due upon checkout. We accept cash, checks drawn from a local bank, debit cards, VISA, and MasterCard. We charge a $50 fee for returned checks. Furthermore, in the event you refuse or otherwise fail to make payment owed for services rendered by us in caring for your pet, you are responsible for any and all costs of collection incurred by us, including attorney’s fees, to collect payment(s) from you.