Your kind words mean so much to us. Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback,

“She is happy, resting more comfortably than she has in a very long time, has a stellar appetite, and seems to be very much back to her usual shenanigans. We couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful care she has received thus far – thank you so so very much!”
Erika P.

“Thank you for making Koda’s vet visits less traumatizing for her! Normally after vet visits, she is an anxious wreck for a day or so after. This time she bounced right back!”
Megan M.

“I want to say a personal thank you to Dr. Sands and Hillary. Yesterday, I had to make that difficult decision to put my dog Chloe down. Both Dr. Sands and Hillary were so caring and kind. They let us take our time letting Chloe go, not rushing us in any way. I know Chloe is out of pain and is chasing squirrels in puppy heaven. I have a ways to go with the healing process, but I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sands and her crew. It takes a special person to be a veterinarian and Dr. Sands is that special person.”
Christine B.

“I credit Healing Paws with giving us three extra months with our aging lab, Mia. Their professional and knowledgeable staff helped to make Mia’s final months comfortable and anxiety-free. When the time came to say goodbye, Dr. Sands made a special trip to ease her pain. We will never forget her kindness and compassion at a very sad time. We continue to be impressed with the care they provide to our cats.”
Kim C.

“Super friendly, super easy, and my dog was the most relaxed he’s ever been on a vet visit!”
Melissa S.

“My cat was so relaxed and the doctors were helpful and knowledgeable. I will recommend you to everyone!”
Christine H.

“We thought that you people took very good care of our dogs and made sure we had no questions that needed to be answered…will use you again for sure.”
David S.

“You guys are awesome!”
Michelle W.

“Good communication, courtesy, and promptness.”
Heather W.

“Vet seemed very caring, observant, and extremely helpful.”
Constance F.

“Was happy with them coming into my home to care for my cat.”


“The visit was quick I didn’t have to wait around while my dog got anxious. Also it was very affordable.”

“We have a lovable old Bassett Hound, that has a few skin issues. Tracy and her team listened and listened again to learn about Jake as a complete dog, not just next in line. Tracy even popped into the local pet store to get a balm she recommended for Jake. Best of all everyone knows what they’re doing and the van is brilliantly clean….. highly, highly recommended.”
Iain H.

“Very kind, explained my pets needs to protect him but not pushy to have it done. Loved the way you interacted with my dog. Thank you.”
Terry G.

“I gave you a 10 because you were very prompt honest about the chances for survival from the wound our goat had you also took the time to make sure we knew how to administer the shots to the goat and your whole team knew their jobs.”
Rita C.

“Dr. Sarah Moser and her assistant were extremely professional yet client oriented and friendly. They handled our cat with great care which was greatly appreciated. It was my first experience with a mobile unit but will not be my last. We really like the option of electing a mobile home visit should the need arise.”

“I was very pleased with the service thunder and l got today and how thunder was treated and the information l got about thunders condition.”
Sandra B.

“I gave them a 10 because the doctor and the nurses were very nice and actually cared about my dog. The convenience of them coming to my house because of my disability was great. I would recommend them to everyone.”
Richard B.

“Dr. Sands and her staff have been very friendly and understanding when it comes to our dog. They met my level of care for my dog and weren’t pushy about anything. I also loved that they came to my house and didn’t mind my 1-year-old being around!”

“Great service, willingness to answer questions (some of which I didn’t even think to ask), samples of recommended kitten food, and mostly I can tell you really love what you do – and the animals you help!”
Jeanette M.

“Dr. Sans was wonderful. She took her time to explain everything to us, answered our questions and really cared!”
Sharon M.

“Competence, efficiency, and convenience. Everything was explained well to me, and I am very pleased.”
Emese N.

“Love Dr. Sands and her staff give them a 20 they exceed all expectations My labs and I are so grateful for their care and expertise thank you!”
Julia M.

“I’m very likely to recommend Healing Paws because my first impressions were… well, I was impressed! Dr. Sands projected a sense of confidence and decisiveness that I did not feel from other veterinary professionals. She seemed proactive and genuinely concerned about the well-being of my pet. And began steps to resolve my pet’s problems instead of curing the symptoms.”

“Being a woman in my early nineties, grooming my feisty 20# male cat became a challenge. He would not let me work on the mats forming in his long hair, especially on his tummy. When his shots were due I called Dr. Sands. She brought her fabulous mobile unit to my home and did what was necessary so that “Lucky” could really enjoy life. She performed miracles on him and now it is obvious that he, too, is pleased because he prances and poses as if to show off his new look. Dr. Sands certainly has a way with animals and when Lucky’s fur again becomes impossible to groom, I know I will call her and our home will be happy again!!!”

“Thanks again for the update and for all your help taking care of our senior boy. We appreciate all the time and attention you and your staff gives.”

“Cosmo had the best grooming experience ever. He never looked better and I have never had him groomed so thoroughly and expertly. This is a lovely facility, great staff, and I had a terrific experience as a first-time client.”
Lita W.

“In fact, I already have! Even put a post on my FaceBook page recommending you. The most important reason? The personalized care and making both Sara and I feel so very comfortable the entire time. I also greatly appreciate the detailed information you sent to me. I can’t tell you how helpful that extra effort is. Thanks again! You are now my vet for all of my critters!”
Cindy C.

“I’m giving them a 10 for professionalism and finding a solution for baby girl Paris (Red Nose Pitbull) They have a gained a new customer! Thank you for your help and support you were awesome!”
Jaquelin C.

“Dr. Sands takes care of all of our pets and they all love her! Most recently our one special needs dog had a minor surgery. Following the surgery, she had a laser treatment to help minimize the swelling and fluid collection. She even got to wear goggles! A couple hours after her laser therapy, all of her swelling was gone. It really does work and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. If you’re not using Healing Paws and Dr. Sands you are sadly missing out on great care and compassion not to mention the mobile aspect which really cuts down our pets stress as well as ours. Thank you so much for everything you do. We all appreciate you!”
Jeanne D.

“Dr. Sands and Bryce showed so much love when taking care of my Siamese cat. They called the next day to find out how Guppy was feeling after his yearly shots. The convenience of the mobile veterinary care is an added plus when one has a pet that doesn’t like to travel.”
Karla M.

“After one visit, I’ve gotten more information from Dr. Sands regarding my cat’s health than I had in years of working with other vets. She took a great deal of time and care explaining her reasoning behind testing and treatment options and was cognizant of potential monetary costs to clients.”

“Dr. Sands and her staff are very knowledgeable and teach us the owners how to identify possible health issues when they first appear. I feel a lot better once I learn how to identify issues and then can ask appropriate questions to better understand my pets health. Thanks for the learning experience and your time.”
Anna O.

“We have a high strung GermanShorthairedPointer who is very protective & leary of strangers. We had Dr Sands & her top notch assistant come to our house to evaluate her for recent seizures. They came & took the time necessary for Molly to feel comfortable with them & allow them to examine her. Their patience & caring treatment of our Molly was greatly appreciated!! We highly recommend Healing Paws to anyone!!!”
Kerry W.

“Can’t begin to express how pleased I was with my visit. The staff is very professional and handled my “caution” cat well! Previously a caution at another vet, here he was relaxed and allowed Dr. Sands to look at his eye. She really has a way with cats! So happy that he wasn’t stressed and hopeful that those past experiences will fade away and he’ll enjoy the vet! Thank you so much!”
Catherine T.

“Amazing service and just wonderful to work with for sure. Molly, Max, Jeffrey and Petal thank you!”
Chris C.

“Convenience and staff was very friendly.”

“From the 1st phone conversation, all staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Tasha and Dr. Moser were very kind and gentle to our cat.”
Lu C.

“We love healing paws. They came right to my front door and did 16 puppy exams for us. So much less stressful than loading them all up and driving to the vet!”
Kim K.

“My cat was very at ease with the vet and the vet tech, and they answered all questions that I had for her follow-up care.”

“Friendly, knowledgeable, professional. the mobile unit saves my dog from so much anxiety.”

“Dr. Sands and her team provide excellent care and are great listeners. I was very impressed with the results of the laser treatment for our dog’s arthritis. for those animals for whom it is recommended. I am very grateful for Dr. Sands and Bryce and her team. peace.”
Caren O.

“My daughter’s cat was always fearful at our regular vet but he curled up and was very relaxed during our appointment. I think it was a combination of the soft mat (instead of the cold steel tables at another vet) and just overall atmosphere.”
Tina L.

“The compassion and kindness the staff show to pets and their family members is unparalleled.”

“Convenience and customer service. My dog is a nervous nelly and the ability to have a vet make a house call is a life saver (and at a much cheaper price than your standard vet’s office). The vet and her assistant were very gentle and kind to my Sharona and even cut her nails for me! We will definitely use Healing Paws again and again.”
Christen S.

“Dr. Sands made an exception to come to see our Goat Stephan on Saturday. Her care was amazing. Her team was great. She gave us lots of information on what to do and what to expect. Today if been emailing Dr. Sands and her staff back and forward with updates and recommendations for Stephan. We feel and we know that we are in excellent hands and care. thanks”
Jay I.

“Dr. Sands and staff are very helpful and caring with my cat. In the last year and a half, the response to my concerns have been addressed. The at home appointments are fantastic and scheduled to suit my cat’s needs.”
Karla M.

“Dr. Sands and the staff our very compassionate group of trained professionals. I was blessed to find this type of veterinarian service for my cat. I went home after my first visit with my very sick cat feeling confident that he will get better. I would highly recommend Dr. Sands and her staff to anyone.”
Stephanie P.

“Dr. Sands was very thorough and very caring. She was professional but warm. I am pleased that Millie was referred so quickly to a wonderful animal hospital. We have all our fingers crossed that she will do well there. We plan to visit her on Sunday.”
Mary S.