Healthy pet visits are where our doctors get to know you and your pet. Regular examinations throughout your friend’s life are where our doctors learn the little things that make your pet special and where they find the small changes on the insides that you cannot see at home. Through those nose-to-tail examinations and diagnostic testing, our doctors work with you to personalize a plan for both the best veterinary and home care. We believe in sharing our findings and recommendations with you (based on our ongoing studies of the most current scientific medical data) so that we can together provide the proper nutrition, dental care, mental and environmental stimulation, supplements, parasite prevention, and immunization for your pet! At each healthy visit, the doctor will get to know your pet, perform an examination and baseline diagnostic testing and then share with you the proper whole pet care to be sure your friend can live their best life!

Regular veterinary care is a gift of a healthy and happy life!