Did you know that 87% of dogs and 70% of cats over age 3 have dental disease making it the most common pet disease today?

Just like us, our pets need more than daily toothbrushing. They also need regular dental hygiene appointments that include full mouth x-rays to look for underlying tooth root disease! To give your pet the best, make sure they are receiving dental hygiene procedures that include: anesthesia, bloodwork, modern safety monitoring, intubation and airway protection, intra-oral radiographs or CT, sterile equipment, monitored recovery, ultrasonic scaling of teeth, gum care, and a go-home plan for care. For some pets with severe dental disease, being pain-free means also having oral surgery. Just like you, many pets need oral surgical procedures above and beyond cleaning and radiographs in order to stay pain free and live longer healthier lives. Proper removal of teeth and oral surgery involves anesthesia monitoring and safety measures, sterile equipment, properly trained surgeons and anesthesia technicians, as well as excellent pain control. We are here to care for your pet like it is our own and to guide you through these oral health processes!

Your pet’s best life depends on good oral health!