Good nutrition and a healthy weight are just as important to your pet as they are to you.

What you choose to feed your dog or cat can help support a healthier life, as well as improve performance and help manage certain medical conditions in a way that enhances the quality of life. Additionally, nutritional needs change as your pet ages. At Healing Paws Veterinary Care, we value the importance of good animal nutrition and can help get your pet on the path to a lifetime of good health.

Our comprehensive nutritional counseling services begin with a detailed analysis of your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle. Many factors go into determining a pet’s individual nutritional needs, including breed, age, current weight and the existence of any health problems. When we’ve gathered the information we need, we’ll then use that to develop a nutritional plan that will include recommendations on what foods would be best suited for your particular pet. We’ll also discuss how much you should be feeding your pet and how often, to avoid overfeeding.

The second component is weight management. This is important because pets that are even just a few pounds overweight can become more susceptible to developing some serious, sometimes life-threatening diseases. We’ll assess your pet to determine what weight range would be ideal to keep them healthy and fit. Then we’ll discuss with you the various exercises and activities you can implement to help your pet achieve that target weight range and maintain it over time.

The final step in managing your pet’s weight and nutrition is regular reevaluations. As your companion gets older, he or she will require a different balance of nutrients and vitamins to support their optimum health. It’s important that we are able to reassess your pet’s nutritional and weight management needs on a regular basis to ensure that we are accounting for these changes as they occur over time.

We know you want the very best for your furry friend, and we want the same thing! Let us develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will not only bring out the best in your pet but will help them achieve and maintain optimum health for life.

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