At Healing Paws Veterinary Care, we believe that information is the key to good medical care. Our doctors aren’t looking for quick fixes, they are looking for answers and solutions. Using your pet’s home history, thorough nose-to-tail examination findings, diagnostic test results, and taking time to get to know your pet we get to the bottom of not just how your pet is feeling but why. The information our doctors and team learn as they attend continuing medical education allows us to be sure that your pet is receiving the most current, scientific, and effective treatments because you want them to live their best life. And finally, sharing information with you is how we make it so that you can provide what your pet needs – we want you to know what is happening with your pet and the treatment options available. After your visit, we also want to know how your pet is doing at home. Whether your pet is ill, needs surgery, or is receiving regular health care, rest assured that we will share information with you and listen to both you and your pet as this is our passion!

Rest assured that we will always share information with you, listening to both you and your pet!

Finding answers, creating solutions, and sharing information is the key to better medical care.