Internet Pharmacy Release


Your pet's safety matters to us as much as it does to you. While online pricing for prescriptions can be very tempting, often there is a reason for that low price and that reason can potentially endanger your pet. If you have not already, please take the time to read this FDA Online Pet Pharmacy Dangers Article. We have seen pets develop diseases when we found out too late that the products purchased from big box/3rd party pharmacies were actually outdated, the wrong size, or even counterfeit. We also have seen big box pharmacies lower prices on common products to catch your attention and then significantly raise prices on their other products with no consistency. There is good news and a better option! You can get your pets' prescriptions and food delivered right to you by ordering directly from our Healing Paws Veterinary Care online store. When purchasing prescriptions and food on our website, you can be confident that your pet will receive a safe product that is backed by all manufacturers' guarantees and that the product has been prescribed and approved by your pet's personal care team. Our prices are often the same or lower than 3rd party pharmacies and our online store pricing is often lower than our in-clinic pricing as it is delivered right to your home without coming into our pharmacy. Any marginal profits from these prescriptions supports your local small business Healing Paws Veterinary Care - we appreciate you! We do our best to provide you the safety your pet deserves at a cost that is fair to you.

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Should you choose to purchase your pets' prescriptions through online and 3rd party pharmacies, Healing Paws Veterinary Care wants to protect you and your pet as much as we can. We have had pharmacies reach out to us to approve orders when clients have never requested those products - that is not fair to the client or safe for the pet. Therefore, we will strictly adhere to the following in regards to providing prescriptions for your pet.