House Call Advantages

With Healing Paws Veterinary Clinic, you really have three options. You have the option of having your pet seen within our mobile clinic, which we will bring right to your door, or we can deliver our care inside your own home, and of course you can also come and see us on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons when we are parked outside of Knisely’s Pet and Feed Store, in Carlisle. With any choice, you and your pet will benefit greatly as a result.

Using a mobile veterinary service can provide both you and your pet with a number of benefits that you won’t get with traditional in-clinic care. Animals benefit from house calls because these visits reduce or eliminate much of the fear and anxiety that is often associated with being transported to and seen in a traditional veterinary office setting. For cats especially, the sounds and sights of other animals – especially dogs – can be extremely traumatic. Likewise, many dogs get nervous and uneasy with the many scents and sounds of other pets that they don’t know. Mobile care eliminates these external stress factors, making for a much calmer, more relaxed experience.

Pet owners benefit from house call services particularly in terms of time savings. No more hassle of having to round up your pets, transport them to the clinic, wait to see the vet, spend time in the exam room, wait to settle up the bill and then transport your pet back home. Instead, the doctor comes right to you, offering much more freedom and flexibility. You’ll also have the added advantage of more time spent with the vet and more personalized, one-on-one attention given to both you and your animal companion.

Lastly, our doctors benefit from providing on-site medical care because when a pet is less anxious and calmer, we are much better able to evaluate their health and monitor any medical conditions that they may be suffering from. In a traditional veterinary care setting, stress and anxiety caused by the presence of other animals, the process of being transported, or just being outside of their own comfort zone can exacerbate many health problems and make symptoms worse, or anxiety can even hide symptoms. By eliminating this stress, we are able to conduct a much more accurate exam for optimum results.

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