Easter means spring is here (thank goodness), and that means so are the fleas and ticks! For several weeks now, we have seen fleas and ticks on our patients. Now is the time to act! Fleas that you see are only 10% of the actual population as the rest are eggs, larva, and pupa. Do you want that 90% in your house? The best way to prevent the fleas and ticks from chewing your pets and invading your home is to use a good preventative monthly and get it on now! We offer several types of high-quality flea/tick preventative that give you choices for both types of application and cost effectiveness. Please call to see if you would prefer the oral treat that kills fleas and ticks (Nexguard), the topical preventative that even repels fleas and ticks (Activyl) or the breakaway collar that is highly effective for eight full months (Seresto). We want to help you protect your pets from the diseases these nasty pests carry. Remember that many of the products found at your big box stores over the counter can be much less effective or even very dangerous. If I had a nickel for every time someone said: ” I got this at WallyWorld to kill fleas, but it just didn’t work.” Let us help you choose a product that will work. Fill your pet’s Easter basket with a good, safe, flea and tick preventative today!

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