A clean pet is a happy pet.

As a professional groomer, part of my service is to make your pet look adorable and feel & smell amazing, however, it is just as important or even more so, to teach your pet not to fear me nor any part of being groomed. A groomer needs to have a strong understanding of why an animal may be terrified, aggressive or withdrawn and that groomer needs to react properly before a pet will change their perspective on being groomed.

That is what I do! That is why I groom!

I help your pet accept and understand that process without fear and anxiety.



Things to Remember: Proof of current rabies and kennel cough vaccination required.

Spaw Packages:

Tub Time

All natural shampoo and conditioner, nail grinding pedicure, ear cleaning and blow drying by hand.

Clean and Refreshed

All the amenities of Tub Time plus minor touch up trimming of face, paws, and potty trail.

Premium Spaw Pamper

All the amenities of Tub Time plus one of these deluxe upgrades:
-Smooth blade cut of one length
-Smooth blade cut of body with precise hand scissoring of legs
-Guard comb trimming plus slicker brush out and finishing spray (excellent for poodles and doodles)

I’m Feline Fine

Exclusive feline pamper using unique cat specific shampoo with pedicure, bath and blow drying by hand.

Purrfectly Pampered

All the amenities of Feline Fine package with a smooth coat shave or lion cut.

Additional Spaw Services:

Pawdicure Spaw Treatment

Paw hair trimmed, de-matting between toes, nail grinding, and soothing paw pad moisturizing treatment. ($32)

Fur Baby’s First

Introduce the joy of grooming to your newest fur baby! This meet and greet style Spaw visit includes positive interactions with our groomer and introduction of grooming tools. Go home with fur baby’s first trim keepsake! ($10)

  • De-shedding Treatment: Light $10, Moderate $20, Heavy $30
  • Specialty Shampoo: Hypoallergenic or Medicated $10
  • Color Enhancing Facial: Specialty shampoo treatment to brighten your pet’s color and face $10
  • Soothing Oil Wrap: $10 indulge your pet’s senses with a relaxing lavender, geranium and chamomile towel wrap after their bath (dogs only)
  • Anal Gland Expression: $15 for external only
  • Nail Grinding: $22
  • Teeth Brushing: $5 get your pet’s teeth brushed with pet specific toothpaste and go home with the rest
  • Brush Out for Between Grooms: $30 (15 – 30 minutes)
  • Express Groom upgrade: $20 no kennel time mornings only + grooming cost
*Extra time and skill are required if matting is present in your pet’s fur. For each additional 15 minutes of de-matting time, $15 will be applied.

Interested in a grooming session for your pet?

To schedule a grooming appointment, please call us at 717-462-9480.

Happy and Freshly-Groomed Pets!