Day Camp at Healing Paws

Day Camp at Healing Paws

Your pet deserves some fun! At the Healing Paws Veterinary Care daycamp, your pet will get to run free, make friends, and enjoy some extra attention from our attentive staff. Click the button below to download our Boarding and Daycare Application.

Canine Day Camp

  • Canine Cottages and Studio Apartments may be reserved for Day Camp Monday through Friday.
  • Interactive play-time with our Pet Care Specialists and other campers.
  • Day Pass: $20
  • Frequent Flyer: 12 prepaid sessions per month $230
  • Home Away From Home: 20 prepaid sessions per month $370

Feline Day Camp

  • Kitty Townhomes can be reserved for Day Camp Monday through Friday.
  • Individual attention with our Pet Care Specialists in our kitty play area.
  • Day Pass: $18

Puppy Camp

Puppy camp is for puppies 4 to 6 months of age.

  • Your puppy’s room will be reserved every Tuesday and Thursday for 2 months so you can easily drop them off without calling ahead
  • Socialization all day in Kindergarten groups
  • Desensitizing to tooth brushing/nail trimming/ear flushing
  • Special $10 puppy trim available at The Spaw to get used to pampering
  • Nap time with soothing essential oils
  • Healthy snack provided
  • Relaxing classical music composed to soothe your puppy
  • One day free pass of Daycare to assess your puppy’s play style and personality before camp starts

$375 for the 2-month package to reserve your puppy’s spot

Puppy Camp Special: sign up before your puppy is 3.5 months of age for only $350!

How Puppy Camp Works:

Puppy Camp enrollment – Will start the first of the month the month they reach 4 months of age (i.e. a puppy born March 15th will be assigned a birthday of March 1st and can begin having fun in Puppy Camp July 1st).

Sign up before your puppy is 3.5 months of age for a discounted rate. Your puppy will enjoy all the amenities listed above and have loads of fun!

Having trouble getting your feline friend to a healthy weight? Ask about our Kitty Dietary Boot Camp.

Day Camp at Healing Paws

Have questions about your pet’s day camp with us? Fill out the form below, contact our Client Care team directly at 717-462-9480, or drop in for a personal tour.

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