Client Care Specialists

If you want to work where…..

  • Pets are restrained by as many people as needed to get it done
  • Appointments are rushed and double booked
  • Staff members are not TEAM members
  • Clients are wallets on the end of the leash
  • Cats are small dogs
  • Scared dogs are labeled as AGGRESSIVE dogs and fearful cats are FRACTIOUS
  • Staff gossip about each other and enjoy lots of drama
  • Clients yell at you and say that all you care about is money
  • There are no staff meetings and you are not encouraged to give input
  • It’s okay to leave messes for someone else to clean up
  • Change is not welcome because it is always better to do it the way you always have
  • Doctors treat you as lower on the totem pole

Then ……………………… THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU!

However, if you want to love your job, our patients, the clients, your team and the doctors you work WITH – then Healing Paws Veterinary Care and Pet Resort has an opening with your name on it!

Healing Paws Veterinary Care & Pet Resort is a privately owned practice where we want to be different and want to change the way veterinary medicine is viewed from both the client and team member sides of practice. All the talk about toxic practice culture in today’s veterinary clinic is scary and we won’t allow toxicity near our home!

Our team huddles daily and leans on each other and our staff wellness coach to keep our culture positive and loving. This allows us to deliver our service goal of providing a level of care that goes beyond expectation. We work together as a team to create a more positive view of veterinary medicine through Fear Free techniques, quality customer service, and customized patient care.

The promise made by our positive staff is to offer our full attention to each client and pet at every visit! Because we give each client and pet that attention, we find that we enjoy our appointments, our clients accept our diagnostic and treatment recommendations, and our patients receive the best possible individualized care!

Healing Paws Veterinary Care & Pet Resort is growing by leaps and bounds – thanks to the amazing support of our community and we are looking for amazing individuals who love clients and pets alike! If you are a person who enjoys providing an experience to customers that they will never forget, we want you! Our team is empowered to continue learning, to use their skills, and to enjoy their jobs. Yes, you will be scheduling appointments, answering client questions, inputting records, but you will also be taking photos, snuggling patients, and getting to know your clients. This is what makes your job so rewarding!

Healing Paws Veterinary Care & Pet Resort is in Carlisle, PA. This is a wonderful central Pennsylvania community with beautiful hiking, a lovely college town, boutique shops, terrific breweries and restaurants, and is an easy commute to the home of Hershey’s chocolate as well as the state capital and even Washington, D.C.! We have affordable homes, wonderful school districts, a booming economy, and are nestled along the I-81 corridor and Appalachian Trail. You will be able to enjoy your hours at home as our management team highly values work-life balance and knows that, the happier you are at work, the happier you will be at home, and the better care our patients will receive.

So, if you want to work in a place that is always changing so that we can better the lives of our patients, clients, and team members, then please apply!

Wait, is this job part-time or full-time you ask? It can be either! We make room for the applicants who fit in with our family and positive culture, just let us know what you need – this could be the end of your last job hunt and the start of your future!

Please submit your cover letter, resume and 3 references to be considered.