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Boarding & Daycare Application

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$20 off your pet’s first boarding stay or $10 off your pet’s first daycare when you submit your application to Healing Paws! One coupon per family.

Things to Remember:

  • To establish play groups, your dog’s behavior will be evaluated for us to learn what they enjoy the most and how they interact with others. Not all dogs enjoy group sessions, and that is okay. Our group sessions will be chosen by age, size, personality type, and activity level and no more than 6 dogs will participate in a group.
  • When your dog or cat enjoys a vacation with Healing Paws, please bring your friend’s familiar diet and treats as food changes can lead to tummy upsets. If your pet develops an upset stomach, our medical staff will attend to their needs and provide prescription intestinal diet to soothe their tummies.
  • If your friend needs medications or injections given during their stay, please let us know ahead of time and bring everything clearly labeled. There is a $5 fee per day for pills or liquids and a $10 fee per day for injections.
  • Dogs must have proof of current rabies, kennel cough, and DAP distemper/adeno/parvo virus vaccinations, bi-annual fecal testing and monthly heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Canine influenza vaccination is recommended as well.
  • Cats must have proof of current rabies, and FVRCP (distemper) vaccinations, biannual fecal testing, negative FeLV/FIV testing and monthly flea and tick control. Kittens under 1 year of age and cats who spend time outdoors also need proof of current FELV vaccination.
  • Microchip or tattoo required for all boarding pets after 6 months of age to provide permanent identification.
  • All pets boarding overnight with us are protected by our hospital mandated Flea Free Guarantee for just $5.
  • Puppies and kitties under 12 weeks old are not accepted.
  • Dogs in heat will not be accepted.
  • Pets must be in good health in order to vacation or day camp with us.

Arrivals and Departures are Monday – Friday

Photos From Our Boarding Center!