The team at Healing Paws are advocates for your pet’s emotional wellbeing. As such, we understand that not every pet loves the vet, but we want them to have a chance to realize that we love them! We are here to provide a different level of care that includes both what you can do at home and what we do in the clinic so that your pet, even if they are anxious, can receive a lifetime of good medical care. Based on your pet’s health and past experiences, our team will develop a plan that helps your pet have less anxiety and, soon enough, they can learn to realize we are here to help them and be their friend! This takes time, patience, compassion, and knowledge to make happen – the team at Healing Paws Veterinary Care is dedicated to make sure that your pet receives what they need to have the best experience possible.

A different kind of veterinary experience- mindful of your pet’s emotional needs as well as physical.