Anesthesia and Dentistry Technician


Are you an anesthesia nerd that finds a sense of humble confidence in thinking ahead to predict what could go wrong in order to develop a plan that prevents and prepares for it?


Are you able to troubleshoot during anesthetic monitoring and respond quickly and calmly when something does go differently than planned?


Are you the kind of person that feels a great sense of accomplishment by finishing a tasklist before the end of your shift?


Do you look at vet teching as a game where you win by being one step ahead of the doctor, patient, and client needs?


Do you love choreographing patients’ care and workflow to make the most of a day?


Do you believe in working in a team that works hard and finds silly ways to have fun?

Are you passionate about all of the extra steps you take as a technician to keep pets safe under anesthesia and make their recovery smoother?
Do you believe anesthetic safety is a team effort and that there is no better monitor than the certified veterinary technician’s ears, eyes, and hands?
How about yucky mouths – do they turn your stomach or do you look at them and go “Yes!!! I can help this pet feel better TODAY!!”?
Do you find real satisfaction in helping an owner feel less worried about their pet’s anesthetic procedure or in helping them find a way to get their kitty to finally take its medication?

If just reading these questions got you excited, then this is the position you have been waiting for! At Healing Paws Veterinary Care, we are on a mission to create a better quality of life for pets and the people who love them and we are growing – so, we need amazing veterinary technicians like you to join our team! Our doctors are dentistry geeks, love both soft tissue surgery and internal medicine and are incredibly passionate about both pain and stress management for all pets.

We want you by our doctor’s side; keeping our patients safe, healthy, comfortable and loved. We want you to have fun amongst our team while knocking out tasks to get it all done so that you can still go home – on time! Our clinic schedule and team centered workflow allows us to give high quality care safely and in a low stress manner to our patients while considering the importance of your life “after hours”. (Have you listened to Dr. Sands’ Vet Med After Hours podcast??) At Healing Paws, the level of care, fairness, honesty and kindness that we show clients and pets is reflected back to our team and you will find yourself developing great relationships both with your teammates, leadership team, and clients. We can’t wait for you to see how rewarding it is to work in a relationship focused, Fear Free handling based, unique practice where we truly believe that people matter as much as pets!

This position is for an experienced certified veterinary technician who truly understands and enjoys anesthesia, dentistry and organized workflow in addition to being passionate about advocating for the comfort of their patients.

What We Have For You

  • 4 day work week
  • A team that shares the core values of TIGER PI! (teamwork, integrity, grace, effort, responsibility, positivity and initiative)
  • A lunch break (yep, we’ll make sure you take it!)
  • Curbside COVID-safe care
  • A focus on thorough diagnostics, high quality dental care and complete communication with clients and team members alike. (Did we mention how much we love cats and old dogs?)
  • Equipment and software – the things you read about in other ads.
  • Mandatory daily rounds that keep the entire team informed and inspired to make the day great
  • Regular “funtivities” – sometimes we even read children’s books or color together!
  • Weekly staff training sessions as learning is the path to greatness
  • Your thoughts and suggestions will be heard and valued!
  • An hourly wage that shows your skills are valued
  • Health benefit of EHRBA -pays for counseling, vitamins, glasses, dr visits – all kinds of things you need!
  • Retirement savings
  • Uniform allowance and bi-annual shoe allowance
  • License fees and paid Fear Free certification
  • Vacation time, sick time and PTO
  • Pet care discounts
  • Continuing education stipend
  • Team building games where you can win contributions to the charity of your choice

What You Need

  • A strong passion for the veterinary medical profession – we want you to come excited to take care of our clients, pets, and your teammates!
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-motivation with a drive to continue learning and growing.
  • Work experience as a certified or registered veterinary technician
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Team spirit (not Teen Spirit – although a love of 90’s music means a lot!)
  • Excellent client service skills – you need to really enjoy interacting with clients – that is what drives us at Healing Paws!
  • Comfort with technology – computers and tablets are an integral part of our day – we spend plenty of time interacting with clients via Zoom and text and our records are all electronic.
  • A desire to produce high-quality work no matter the task on your plate
  • Compassionate patient care
  • Efficiency
  • Attention to detail
  • A stomach that doesn’t mind hours of oral surgery – we do a lot of full mouth extractions here!
  • A positive attitude
  • A strong understanding of the importance of a clean medical facility

What You’ll Enjoy Doing In Your Role

  • Patient admission – helping clients understand what their pet will experience during the day and portraying the value of our services
  • Participating in team huddles and leading anesthesia team rounds
  • Handling patients in a Fear Free manner – being an advocate for both pain and anxiety control for your patients
  • Leading anesthetic shift work flow for efficiency and safety
  • Anesthetic patient care (from IVC placement to recovery)
  • Monitoring anesthesia and troubleshooting on the fly
  • Performing medical treatments & patient care
  • Reviewing and fill prescription refill requests
  • Accurately maintaining medical records and entering charges
  • Taking X-rays, reading cytologies, performing cystocentesis
  • Performing in house laboratory diagnostics
  • Growing your skills
  • Inspiring veterinary assistants to grow into veterinary technicians
  • Following COVID safety and cleaning protocols

Submit Your Information

If what you’ve read sounds like you and makes you want to work in a place that values change when it means that we can better the lives of our patients, clients, and team members, then please submit a short video telling us the following: 1) why you want to work at Healing Paws 2) which position are you ready to take on 3) why we want you 4) one of your hobbies and why you enjoy it

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