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Healing Paws Veterinary Care is proud to serve the Carlisle area, delivering exceptional veterinary care and outstanding client service to each person and pet we serve. Our patients include dogs and cats, as well as certain farm animals, which include sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. We are a mobile practice, which means we bring our care and services right to you – wherever that may be. This allows us to provide both you and your pet with the most individualized care and personalized service available.

The beauty of Healing Paws is that there are no waiting rooms, no cramped, cold exam rooms and no stress from having to be around other animals that your pet doesn’t know. When you enter the door of our mobile clinic – it is just you, your pet, the doctor, and assistant. From beginning to end, it is a complete veterinary-client relationship with 100% of our time and effort focused solely on you and your animal companion.

While we prefer that you and your pet come into our mobile clinic, because we have all of the diagnostic tools and cutting edge technology that we need right at our fingertips, if your pet is ailing or hurting and can’t come out your door or you need that extra help to get them there, we will gladly come in your home for them and either work there or transport them out to our clinic if needed.

At Healing Paws, everything we do and every decision we make is focused on what will make our patients most comfortable and what will make being a pet owner more rewarding. From the calm, soothing music we use during exams to the plush, microfiber mats we use on our exam table, to the extra time we take to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and explain all your options. Our goal is to make veterinary visits a positive experience for everyone – especially those of the four-legged variety!

Our staff is small, but dedicated, with the ultimate goal of both providing your pet with the best available medical care, and also educating you on how you can keep your companion happy and healthy in between vet visits. We do this through developing a strong, trusting relationship with you and establishing a lifelong bond with your animal companion. We want your relationship with us to be one that makes you smile and one that you value because it benefits both you and your pet.

We are an ever-evolving practice because we are constantly investigating new treatments and new ways of relaxing pets, as well as strengthening our own abilities through continuing education. The care we provide is high quality with an emphasis on compassion because we understand the special role your pet plays within your family and we know how important it is that you both enjoy as many happy, healthy years of companionship as possible.

In addition to our passion for improving the lives of animals and the people who love them, Healing Paws Veterinary Care is also a strong supporter of the community. In an effort to give back, we regularly hold career fairs to help encourage young students to prepare for different types of careers in veterinary medicine, conduct talks with 4-H participants to help them better understand the importance of preventative care for good health, and visit senior nursing home communities with no house call charge. Additionally, 5% of Healing Paws profits are donated to charity each year – 2.5% to St. Jude and 2.5% to other charities that vary from year to year.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, at Healing Paws Veterinary Care, we want to become your trusted partner. As your pet’s caregiver, you are their greatest ally and most trusted friend. Because of this important role you play, we believe that you are also an integral part of your pet’s health care team – and that’s just how we’ll treat you! We want to arm you with all of the education, tools, and support you need to provide your pet with a lifetime of quality care, and to work right alongside you – every step of the way – to improve the chances of a long, happy and healthy life.

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